Get Funded!

Below is a short list of suggestions on ways to help make your project funding a success:

1.) Sell yourself. Whether or not we care to admit it, the entire world revolves around selling. Make your entire presentation, from video, photos, biography and project details as captivating as possible. 

2.) Don’t embellish or fudge. In today’s world of technology, one can find out almost anything. Don’t make up anything that isn’t true.

3.) Connect. Connect with potential sponsors. If people can see your vision, or the brilliance of an idea or invention, they will get on board with your excitement.

4.) Give great rewards. Your sponsors will want to feel that they are a part of something great!

5.) Promote. Promote. Promote. Tell everyone in all of your social networks that you have been accepted on Bizkickoff. Chances are that friends, family and colleagues will want to contribute to your success!