Why You Will Love Us

We believe in you. and your dreams. America is the land where dreams became a reality. America, with it's inventors and entrepreneurs have given us the very things that we enjoy using today. They've made our lives better and easier.
No matter your age, if you are capable and willing to make it happen, then we support you.
We promise you that we will do everything possible to promote this website in order to help you fund and fulfill those dreams!
We invite you to do likewise.

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Spread the Word!

Tell friends, relatives, co-workers and family all about Bizkickoff! The more everyone shares Bizkickoff, the better your chances of getting funded! Likewise- once your project is accepted, share your project by posting it with all of your Social Media that you currently use. We encourage you to share it on Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Google+, Instagram and Pinterest! We will be doing the same thing for you- to help you get your funding. We will be promoting you as well, on all of our Social Media Projects!